Lady Gaga – Monster Ball Tour 2009


01. Intro (Video Introduction) (Contains Elements Of Finally 2008)
02. Dance In The Dark
03. Just Dance
04. I Think Love (Video Interlude) (Contains Elements Of Tears In The Rain)
05. LoveGame
06. Alejandro
07. Raven Forest (Video Interlude) (Contains Elements Of Girls And A Vocal Sample Of Money Honey )
08. Monster
09. So Happy I Could Die
10. Teeth
11. Speechless
12. Poker Face (Piano Version)
13. Make Her Say (Performed With Kid Cudi)
14. Slap In The Face (Video Interlude) (Contains Elements Of Dirty Freak )
15. Fashion
16. The Fame
17. Money Honey
18. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich (Remix)
19. Put Your Paws Up (Video Interlude) (Contains Elements Of Fancy Footwork )
20. Boys Boys Boys
21. Paper Gangsta
22. Poker Face
23. The Manifesto Of Little Monsters (Video Interlude)
24. Paparazzi
25. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
26. Bad Romance

Nome do Álbum: Lady Gaga – Monster Ball Tour 2009
Gênero: Pop Internacional
Lançamento: 2009
Tamanho: 261 Mb
Formato: .Rar/Mp3

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